Canadian online casinos that accept PayPal

paypal icon 2PayPal has been in operation since 1999, having quickly become the leading online payment services around. The platform enables users to transfer money to and from bank accounts, with the convenience and speed having already attracted millions of customers over the years. An increasing number of casino sites now accept PayPal as a method of payment, making depositng and withdrawing cash easier than ever. This page will deliver important information surrounding the use of PayPal on casino sites, including its pros and cons. Let’s start by looking at which casino sites available to players in Canada currently offer PayPal.

The Most Reliable PayPal Casinos in Canada

C$400 +100 Bonus Spins
Europe Europe Europe
Table Games
Live Tables
C$100 +10 Free Spins
Europe Europe Europe Europe
Table Games
Live Tables
C$140 +C$88 No Deposit Bonus
Europe Europe Europe Europe
Table Games
Live Tables
CA$300 +50 Bonus Spins
Europe Europe Europe Europe
Table Games
Live Tables
C$1000 +100 Free Spins
Europe Europe Europe Europe
Table Games
Live Tables
C$200 +100 Extra Spins
Europe Europe Europe Europe
Table Games
Live Tables
C$1000 +200 Free Spins
Europe Europe Europe Europe
Table Games
Live Tables
C$100 +50 Free Spins
Europe Europe Europe Europe Europe
Table Games
Live Tables
C$300 +22 Bet Points
Europe Europe Europe Europe Europe
Table Games
Live Tables
C$300 1st Deposit Bonus
Europe Europe Europe
Table Games
Live Tables

What is PayPal?

PayPal has achieved a great deal over the years, however for those who are not familiar with the organization, the following are among the standout points of the online payment platform:

  • Established in 1999
  • Online payment system helping customers around the world in transferring money
  • PayPal is licensed in a range of countries, including Canada, meaning that players can use it to deposit and withdraw money on casino sites.
  • In 2018, PayPal was ranked as one of the biggest US corporations in terms of revenue
  • PayPal has developed a good reputation over the years thanks to their secure, fast and convenient transfers.

PayPal in Canada

Those based in Canada are able to open a new PayPal account, before processing payments and transfers in Canadian Dollars. Meanwhile, there are around 6 million active PayPal users in Canada at present, according to Marketing Director Nicky Mezo, meaning that an estimated 15% of the entire population is using the service.

Are there PayPal casinos with bonuses?

Every PayPal casino can offer a bonus. Bonus offers are independent of the available deposit methods. Some casinos offer a no deposit bonus and free spins without deposit. With this bonus, new customers can play without any risk. Whoever wins with this bonus, receives another bonus credit.

PayPal casinos

This is converted into regular credit. Before that, however, the player must fulfill the turnover requirements. At very many PayPal casinos there is a deposit bonus. Then the deposit is increased by a bonus amount. The bonus is mostly granted as a percentage. In addition, there is an upper limit. For example, a 100% bonus up to a maximum of C$100 is typical.

What advantages does PayPal offer?

PayPal offers several advantages as a deposit method. The PayPal account is free of charge. Deposits are possible in real time. Already a few seconds after a deposit, the money is available on the gaming account. Casinos also make withdrawals with PayPal. This is also faster than with other methods. Players receive their winnings faster.

PayPal is considered a very secure payment service. The company has been active in the market for a long time. A lot is invested in the security of all transactions. Customers can protect their PayPal account. For example, two-factor authentication can be set up for this purpose. Then the login to PayPal is done in two steps. In the first step, customers enter the PayPal password. In the second step, a multi-digit code is entered.

This code is immediately sent by SMS to the deposited cell phone.
Deposits with PayPal are also possible without PayPal credit. With PayPal means of payment can be deposited. This can be, for example, a current account. Then paid funds are debited from the account by direct debit. PayPal also accepts credit cards

This is what you should look for in PayPal casinos

If you discover a casino with PayPal, you can basically start with a good feeling. PayPal is enormously precise in the selection of its cooperation partners. So before a cooperation is set up, the payment service first checks the possible partners carefully. Nevertheless, players should also take various criteria into consideration when they are looking for a good online casino. You can see exactly which criteria these are, among others, here:

  • Official license from a regulatory authority
  • Implementation of data, player and youth protection
  • Serious game developers involved in the portfolio
  • Flexible and easy to reach customer support
  • Fair conditions and solvable bonus terms

Pros and Cons of Using PayPal as a Payment Method

In terms of the pros and cons surrounding the use of PayPal with online casino sites today, the following are the standout points to consider:

plus icon

  • Easy to use – PayPal undoubtedly provides one of the most convenient methods of processing payments online today, with those signing up with casino sites being able to make instant deposits and quick withdrawals too.
  • Quick Sign Up – It is very easy to register with PayPal, with the entire process taking just a matter of minutes.
  • Your personal details are safe and secure – PayPal is 100% secure, with a number of security measures having been put in place by the company, including the use of SSL encryption technology.
  • High Limits – The amount that is available to deposit and withdraw with PayPal on casino sites is usually more than other payment methods, perfect for high rollers.
  • Mobile – PayPal can also be used on a range of mobile devices, with a specific app being available to download.
  • Experience – PayPal has now been around for over two decades, making them one of the most experienced organizations of their kind around today.

minus icon

  • Connected to Bank – Those looking to use PayPal with their online casino must link their bank account, however this also means that such sites will not gain access to your details.
  • Fees – Some small fees may be incurred by PayPal users when processing transactions online.
  • Suspicious Activity – As part of their security protocol, PayPal have been known to suspend accounts in the past, in an attempt to fend of fraud.

New PayPal Casino Sites

With online gambling being so popular today, it perhaps comes as little surprise that an increasing number of casino’s are looking to add to the number of payment methods in which they offer players, including PayPal.

How Does PayPal Work?

why iconPayPal effectively acts as an e-wallet, with those registered being able to make payments and transfer funds on a variety of online platforms. Users are able to transfer money to a variety of recipients, including online casino sites, with customers needing just an email address in order to utilize this method of payment. PayPal users must register a bank card or bank account, however details surrounding this will never be visible to sellers or online shops. PayPal can also be used to receive money online, which in this case would be withdrawals made by players at online casino sites. Players will receive notifications when they have received money, which will then be added to your overall PayPal balance. Money can then be used to spend online or sent directly to your bank account.

PayPal Account Registration

Setting up a new PayPal account is an easy and quick process, with the following steps needing to be taken before any payments or transfers can be made:

  1. Navigate to the PayPal website on desktop or mobile.
  2. Click or tap on the “Sign Up” tab, found in the top right hand corner of the page.
  3. Choose the “Personal Account” option.
  4. Enter the relevant personal details, before creating your PayPal password.
  5. Choose to enter your bank card details or wait until a later date.
  6. Verify your new account via email.

PayPal Fees

When using PayPal on your online casino site, it is important to remeber that small fees are sometimes involved. Some site will charge a fee when it comes to depositing or withdrawing cash, which sits at around 1.5% in most cases. Fees can also be incurred when withdrawing winnings online, hwoever the speed and ease of processing such transactions means that most players can look beyond this downfall.

PayPal fees at a glance:

Deposits: free of charge

  • Sending money: 1,9% + C$0,35 when using a credit card
  • Receiving money: 1,9% + C$0,35
  • Recharge credit card: 3,9% + C$0,35
  • Recharge account bank transfer: 1,9% + C$0,35
  • Recharge other: 1,9% + C$0,35
  • Conversion fee: 3,0% to 4,0%
  • Inactivity fee: none, account closure after 3 years
  • Micropayments: 10% + C$0,10
  • Collect donations: 1.2% + C$0.35
  • Merchant conditions: 1,7% + C$0,35
  • Conditions over C$25.000 1,5% + C$0,35

Another possible disadvantage with PayPal are the limits for deposits or withdrawals. These are limited. They are sometimes “only” C$7,000 – a disadvantage that is certainly negligible for most players. However, for high rollers or players who have made a big profit, this is definitely an argument against PayPal.

Deposits with PayPal in the online casino

The convenient processing of deposits with PayPal is one of the reasons why the payment system is so enormously popular. To make an online casino PayPal deposit, you simply call the cashier area of your casino. Here you must now select PayPal as the desired payment method. Then you determine the desired deposit amount. The provider will then automatically take you to the PayPal payment page. Here you confirm the payment simply by entering your password or your PayPal data.

Online Casino with PayPal: How to pay out winnings

If you use PayPal in the online casino, you can not only make deposits, but also withdrawals. Withdrawals can be processed in an equally simple way. Once again, you go to the cashier area of the betting provider. Instead of the deposit area, however, you now go to the withdrawal area. As a rule, you can only use PayPal for withdrawals if you have already made a deposit with the eWallet. Once you have reached the payout sector, you simply select PayPal as the desired payout method. The amount will then be credited to your PayPal account within a few hours. From here, you can use it for new deposits, for example, or have it paid out to your bank account.

Secure PayPal Casino Bonus

If you find PayPal in an online casino, you will most likely also discover a bonus with this provider. If it runs optimally, even several bonus offers are waiting for you in the casino. The most typical bonus on the market is the deposit bonus for new customers. If you, as a new player, deposit money into your player account for the first time, you can secure a bonus for this transaction. The amount of the bonus varies, of course, from provider to provider. As a rule, you can expect bonus offers between 100 euros and several thousand euros.

However, you should know that even in online casinos with PayPal, all bonus offers are tied to certain conditions. You must fulfill these before the bonus amount can be paid out. Below we show you once, how such bonus conditions in the online casinos with PayPal can look like:

  • Turnover conditions: Every bonus in the PayPal online casino must be converted a certain number of times before withdrawal. If a six-fold turnover is required, the bonus amount must therefore be wagered six times.
  • Wagering requirements: The wagering requirements in the online casino with PayPal are also important in connection with the turnover. Here, the provider determines the maximum amount that may be wagered for the turnover or the minimum amount that must be wagered.
  • Time limit: The turnover must be completed in a certain amount of time for each bonus. The longer the time limit, the better this is for you.
    Excluded games / game rating: Some games may be excluded from the bonus offer at PayPal Online Casino. Here, your bets are not counted for the turnover. It is also possible that only part of the wager is counted towards the bonus turnover.

PayPal Alternatives

PayPal has undoubtedly made a name for itself as being the world’s leading and best-known e-wallet platform available today, however this does not mean that alternative options should not be considered by players. Having looked into what payment methods are accepted by a casino in which you are considering signing up at, the following platforms may well be worth utilizing when depositing and withdrawing cash online:




PayPal Casino Bonus

bonus icon 1The majority of online casino sites will offer some form of welcome bonus in an attempt to attract new players into signing up, however individuals must take into account whether deposits made using PayPal qualify for such promotions. Some casino’s make it clear that opening deposits made via e-wallets will mean that they are ineligible for bonuses, while others will offer a smaller total bonus amount because of this. So, it may be worthwhile making an opening deposit via a credit or debit card, before reverting back to PayPal.

Tips and Tricks

For those looking to use PayPal in order to fund their online casino activity, there are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration, with the following tips and tricks having been written in order to give players the best possible chance of using the platform as effectively as possible.

  1. Be sure to weigh up all of the pros and cons surrounding available payment methods before making an ultimate decision, while there is nothing stopping players from adding a number of different options to their casino account. Be sure to check out all of our guides, with each providing useful information on the most popular methods of payment available to players in Canada today.
  2. Consider the terms and conditions set by the individual casino, with this potentially having an impact upon your decision too.
  3. Take into account the fees in which you are likely to incur too, with those who are spending large amounts likely to see a percentage of their winnings taken away from them.
  4. The majority of casino sites catering for players based in Canada are likely to offer PayPal as a method of payment, however be sure that this is the case before registering.
  5. Take into account any limits that have been set by either the casino or PayPal when it comes to depositing and withdrawing cash, as this may effect your ability to achieve your objectives.

PayPal Casinos FAQ

How can I deposit using PayPal?

Players can deposit using PayPal by registering an account online, before adding their bank card to the account. Having done so, select PayPal as your preferred method of payment on your casino site.

How can I find a reliable Casino that accepts PayPal as deposit method?

All of the casino sites discussed on our website are nothing but reliable, with all being licensed and regulated in Canada.

What are the processing times for deposits and withdrawals?

Transactions made using PayPal are normally processed instantly, with money appearing in the relevant account within just a matter of hours.

Is PayPal completely legal?

Yes! PayPal is fully licensed by respected authorities.

How can I withdraw my winnings with PayPal?

Absolutely! Select PayPal as your preferred method of withdrawing, before selecting the amount in which you take home. Cash can then be used to spend online or transferred to your bank account.

What is the connection between the bank and PayPal? How much information do they share?

Bank details are never shared with the casino itself, with sites only having access to your PayPal account details.

Can I pay with PayPal also using my mobile?

Yes! The PayPal website is fully funcitonal on mobile devices, while an easy to use app is also available.

Can I play on Live Casino sites with PayPal?

Yes, a large number of live casino sites also offer PayPal as a method of payment.

Final Words on PayPal Casinos

It will probably come as little surprise that an increasing number of online players are now using PayPal when it comes to funding their casino site accounts, with the ease of use and speed of transactions making it an appealing option for those based in Canada. The potential of small fees is unlikely to put players off signficantly, with more and more casino’s having added PayPal over recent years.