Bitcoin Casinos in Canada

CasinoCoinHow would you feel if you could deposit into your online casino account with Bitcoins? Amazing, right? If you are a Canadian casino player, we have good news for you. We have got the best Bitcoin casinos in Canada listed and verified for you!

The Best Bitcoin Casinos in Canada

7Bit Casino Highlights
  • Canadian Dollars accepted as currency
  • Welcome Bonus in FIAT- and Cryptocurrency
First deposit 100% up C$100 + 200 Free Spins visit 7Bit CasinoT&C Apply +18
T&C Apply +18: Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply.
Playamo Highlights
  • Low minimum deposits available, with quick transactions.
  • Free spins and other rewards available through the Playamo VIP program.
1st dep: 100% up to C$100 +150 Free Spins visit PlayamoT&C Apply +18
T&C Apply +18: General Terms & Conditions apply. Play responsibly.
22 Bet Highlights
  • Very complete site with casino, sportsbook, esports and tv games
  • Interesting VIP program
100% up to C$300 +22 Bet Points visit 22 BetT&C Apply +18
T&C Apply +18: Terms and Conditions Apply
N1 Highlights
  • VIP Program with 20 different levels
  • Large number of live casino games
1st Deposit up to C$150 +150 Free Spins visit N1T&C Apply +18
T&C Apply +18: Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply.
Spin Casino Highlights
  • Software providers Microgaming and Evolution Gaming help to offer an extremely enjoyable casino platform.
  • Certified by eCogra and licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.
100% up to C$400 +100 Bonus Spins visit Spin CasinoT&C Apply +18
T&C Apply +18: General Terms & Conditions Apply. Play responsibly.

What is Bitcoin?

If you are a rookie player and still exploring the horizon of online gambling, there is a slight chance that you do not know what Bitcoin is. Do not worry because we have got you covered! Bitcoin is basically a virtual currency. Or digital currency if you may. If you have heard or seen the term ‘cryptocurrency’ somewhere, chances are they are referring to Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Explained

Unlike physical currency, the value of Bitcoins is not fixed. It has gone through ups and downs a lot over the years. If you do a little research on Bitcoin yourself, you will notice a coin with a ₿ in the middle.

In reality, there is no physical existence of Bitcoins. All there is are some unique codes associated with the coins. The Bitcoin network is completely decentralized as well. It means no central authority such as any government can control and regulate the network. All of the transactions and details are public, only identifiable by a Bitcoin wallet address.

Bitcoin Casinos in Canada- Pros and Cons

Now that you have a general idea about what Bitcoins are, we can go along to look at some of the pros and cons of using Bitcoins for casino transactions.


plus iconHere is a list of the strong points of using BTC, a safe, reliable, modern and fast payment method, on web gaming platforms:

  • No processing fees for bank exchanges;
  • You don't have to share sensitive banking data;
  • Possibility to put funds via your mobile (smartphone or tablet) or your PC;
  • Offers access to all casino games (roulette, slots, blackjack, live games, etc.)
  • You can make payments with bitcoin whenever and wherever you want;
  • Bitcoin is the only currency that cannot be seized by force. In addition, BTC exchanges are not censorable;
  • And finally, it is a pseudonymous virtual currency with no verification or credit history.


minus iconThe biggest concern with using BTC as a payment option on web gaming sites is that the number of casinos accepting this virtual currency is still low. Other weaknesses include:

  • It's not an easy payment option because it requires specific software to be installed on your equipment in relation to your Bitcoin wallet.
  • Volatility of BTC: The more people and companies use this currency, the more stable it will become. Currently, every event has an impact on the price of BTC.
  • As the years go by, however, this is lessening.
  • A necessary attention: considering that you have your cryptocurrency on your PC or on a web wallet, it is essential to secure it perfectly. Also remember to check
  • that the wallet provider is reliable.
  • The irreversible aspect of exchanges: once your BTC transfer is gone, it is impossible to go back. So, don't make a mistake with the recipient.

A Walk Through the Bitcoin Memory Lane

The history of Bitcoin has been quite turbulent at times. When you dive deep into Bitcoins, you will see that the network first came into existence back in 2009. The concept, however, was introduced even before that. In 2008, a pseudonymous guy called Satoshi Nakamoto started the whole thing.

Bitcoin History
Bitcoin's Price History

Bitcoins were initially generated by solving complex math problems using computer processors. It is done to keep the number of Bitcoins limited. As time is going by, the maths is getting more complex.

Bitcoins first got their monetary value when a man from Florida got 2 Papa John’s pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins. The pizzas were valued at $25 at that time. Comparing it with the current Bitcoin value, that was approximately a $114 million transaction!

Let us not go too deep into Bitcoins for now. We are here for the best Bitcoin casinos in Canada, right?

Fast forward to today, Bitcoin is widely accepted by a lot of businesses around the world, including online casinos in Canada. If you are interested in how Bitcoins work, let us get to that right away!

How Does Bitcoin Work?

How are you feeling after knowing the dramatic history of Bitcoins? It is interesting, right? Let us get to how these things work. Bitcoins are essentially digital files that are kept in a ’digital wallet’ app. It might be on your smartphone or your computer. You need a Bitcoin wallet at first to start your journey with the best Bitcoin casinos in Canada. Once you download the Bitcoin app on your phone or your computer, you can open your own wallet within a few moments.

You can then send a Bitcoin or part of it to any of the wallet addresses listed on the public network. The network is known as the Blockchain. The Bitcoin casinos in Canada will also have a Bitcoin address that you would send it to.

The blockchain contains all the transactions from all Bitcoin addresses. It is done to ensure maximum transparency among users. Due to the open market nature, no one can exploit Bitcoins for their own benefit.

How Do You Get Bitcoins to Use in Online Casinos?

To try your luck on Bitcoin casinos in Canada, you need Bitcoins first. You can either buy it with real money or someone can send you Bitcoins as an exchange for something. You can also mine your own, but it could be years before you get your hands on one!

When you mine Bitcoins on your own, you can only expect to succeed if you have a super-powerful computer. Bitcoin equations utilize the processing power from your computer to solve complex mathematical problems.

There was a time when you could profit from Bitcoin mining. But nowadays, it is very unlikely that it will be worthwhile for you to produce your own.

Hardware Wallet vs Software Wallet

To store your Bitcoins and later use them in the best Bitcoin casinos in Canada, you need a wallet. Bitcoin offers you two different variants. The Hardware Wallet and the Software Wallet.

Hardware Wallet

It is a specialized device that secures all of your private keys. The biggest advantage of this device is that it is not connected to the internet. So, you are much safer in terms of hacking attempts and malware.

Moreover, the security protocols installed in the device protect it from regular computer viruses and software backdoors.

Software Wallet

This is the traditional way of securing your Bitcoin addresses. It is the account you open on the Bitcoin website. All of your data is protected with a multitude of software suites. It is great for convenience. You can access it whenever you want, from wherever you want.

However, it is at a greater risk of cyber-attacks than the hardware wallet.

Is Bitcoin Safe?

Now, before you invest your money in Bitcoin casinos in Canada, you have every right to ask whether Bitcoin is safe or not. Let us lay it out in detail for you.

Top of the Line Encryption

If you did not know already, digital encryption has been the go-to in terms of security for years now. And with time and advancement in internet technology, encryption programs have only gotten stronger.

Bitcoin utilizes encryption and the safety of blockchain at once. Remember blockchain? The virtual network where all the Bitcoin addresses are secured? A team of volunteers works day and night to strengthen the encryption to secure your transactions.

All of your personal information is hidden from everyone, even the best of hackers. In the unfortunate event of hackers breaking into the system, they won’t get anything that ties to you.

Considering your hefty transactions at the Bitcoin casinos in Canada, you will surely appreciate the security measures taken by this cryptocurrency giant.

Everything is Public

We all know that everything shady happens under the table. But what if there is no table? That is exactly what Bitcoin is. It is a public network where everything is visible. As Bitcoin transactions do not require any personal information, all you are left with the Bitcoin addresses.

The same goes for the online casinos that accept Bitcoin in Canada. They only get to see your wallet address. So, your data is safe from third-party spying. Moreover, the casino cannot manipulate you into taking offers when they do not have your details.

Decentralization is the Future

One of the largest reasons the iGaming industry is shifting toward cryptocurrencies is decentralization. No government can steer the course of the Bitcoin ship because everything is controlled by the public.

The servers are laid across the world to ensure maximum security. So, even if someone tries to manipulate one, the others will keep up the good work. The only possible scenario of your transaction history being at risk would be when the hackers get control over 51% of the nodes.

Needless to say, it is an almost impossible situation.

So, how does it affect your experience at Bitcoin casinos in Canada? Well, when no inflation and no government is charging you for conversions, you are at peace that you are getting the best rates. Whatever the current rate would be, you get exactly what you pay for!

Is Bitcoin Really Anonymous?

info iconIn numerous Bitcoin related posts on the internet, you might find Bitcoin to be anonymous. But in reality, you cannot be completely anonymous in a public network. Pseudonymous would be a more appropriate term to use in this case.

The blockchain encrypts and conceals all of your data. What it does not conceal is your wallet address. It is your only identity in the ocean of millions of Bitcoin addresses. So, it is possible that with the right toolset, someone can track you down from that address.

With that said, do you know a payment option that is 100% safe? Even your credit cards or e-wallets are at the same risk. If it makes you feel any better, the security measures taken to safeguard Bitcoins are superior to the best security systems around the world.

Lucky for you, it does not matter for your experience at Bitcoin casinos in Canada. You are there to have a good time. It is the casino’s job to provide you with a good time. All of the online casinos in Canada on our list do not take any interest in your personal life or behaviour.

Go ahead and make some deposits now!

Are All These Security Actually Good?

registerIf you scour through history, you might find security to be a double-edged sword from time to time. When you incorporate these many layers of security in a system, it is apparent that something might go wrong.

First up, let us discuss the volatility. If you are a seasoned casino player, you know how important volatility is when it comes to slots. But the definition is quite different for Bitcoins.

When you go through the history of Bitcoins, you will find that it has gone through significant ups and downs. It is only obvious because there is no authority looking over it. No government has the rights or the resources to monitor Bitcoin activities.

As a result, all your Bitcoins can lose value overnight. Do not be so disappointed yet because they can go up in value as well! Whatever the case is, you are always at the risk of losing something.

And for your investments in the Bitcoin casinos in Canada, the same thing applies. When Bitcoin rates are high, you can wager a lot more than you could do otherwise. That is a compromise you must make if you want to experience the awesomeness of Bitcoins.

Can Someone Steal My Bitcoins?

safeLet us take a look at a horrible scenario. You have quite a few Bitcoins in your wallet and they are valued at thousands. You go to sleep at night excited about how you are going to make a big deposit at Bitcoin casinos in Canada the next day.

You wake up in the morning and boom! All of your Bitcoins are gone! Someone stole your digital property from right under your nose!

Now, is this possible? We know you do not want to hear this, but we have to ensure maximum transparency with you. Yes, that scenario we mentioned above is possible. But if that happens to you, it would not be Bitcoin’s fault. It would be your naïve mistake.

Let us find out why.


If you have been an internet user from the early days, you know how dangerous phishing can be. The fake websites lure people in to share their personal details in return for a ‘too good to be true’ offer. And naïve people have been fueling the scammers ever since.

The same applies to Bitcoin casinos in Canada. If you willingly visit a website and share your Bitcoin address or password, there is no way the blockchain can protect you. It comes down to you as a user to ensure safe browsing on the internet.


In the modern era that we live in, it is very unlikely that you will fall victim to spoofing. Spoofing is when someone sells you something over the internet and takes advance payment, but never delivers the product.

If you visit a scam online casino in Canada that accepts Bitcoin, the same might happen to you. You make a deposit request; the casino takes your Bitcoin but never credits them to your casino account.

And that is why we highly recommend you only play at Bitcoin casinos in Canada that are trusted by thousands of players. You can easily find such casinos on our list.

Malware Attacks

Sure, the blockchain protects the Bitcoin address network like Heimdall protects Asgard. But can it protect your PC or smartphone? No. You are responsible for your safety. So, if any of your devices contract malware, there is a chance you might lose your Bitcoins.

It is especially true now because the value of Bitcoins has skyrocketed. Hackers are desperately trying to get their hands on one. So, be careful what you do on the internet and keep clear of shady websites.

The bottom line is, Bitcoin casinos in Canada offer you top of the line features and benefits. You can utilize those features to make your online gambling section a very good one. All it takes from your end is a little patience and carefulness.

How to Deposit in Bitcoin Casinos in Canada?

To start your Bitcoin gambling experience, first, you need an online casino account where the operator accepts Bitcoin as a payment option.

We have taken care of the first step for you. You can find the best Bitcoin casinos in Canada listed right here. Just go into one that you like and open an account.

Once your account is verified and ready to go, the process works just as it would with other payment options.

You visit the ‘Cashier’ or ‘Payment’ or ‘Banking’ page. It is going to vary from operator to operator. Once you click on the deposit option, you should see a list of options that you can choose from. You have to select the Bitcoin option from the list.

At this point of the transaction, the casino will give you a wallet address. You take the address and put it into your wallet app. You select the amount you want to deposit and authorize the transaction.

Withdrawing from Bitcoin Casinos in Canada

Are you at all worried about the withdrawal? Do not be because it is exactly the opposite of depositing. When you submit a withdrawal request, you are again going to go to the cashier/banking page of the casino and select Bitcoin as your option.

Then, the casino will ask for your wallet address. You can copy your address and paste it there. And you are done.

At all reputed casinos, there is a verification process to confirm it is you. It usually takes around 24-48 hours. Then, the Bitcoins will be transferred to your account.

Bitcoin Casinos in Canada Bonuses and Promotions

It is an area where you are going to experience dramatic differences from operator to operator. Some pioneer online casinos in Canada might offer spectacular bonuses if you deposit using Bitcoin.

It might be a separate welcome bonus, a cashback, a daily promotion, or a tournament. Everything is possible when Bitcoin is concerned.

On the other end of the spectrum, some operators might exclude you from promotions when you deposit and withdraw via Bitcoin.

To deeply understand what you are looking at, we highly recommend reading the terms and conditions thoroughly. All online casinos are bound to share all the clauses with the players. You will find all the information you need on that page.

We know it is a tedious process. But you should do it anyway for your own good.

Some of the Best Bitcoin Casinos in Canada in detail

How would you feel if we left you unattended with all the Bitcoin details and did not give you a list of the best casinos? Do not worry. We are not going to do that. Let us take a look at some of the finest online casinos in Canada that accept Bitcoin.

PlayAmo Casino

This canada btc casinos PlayAmo offers a superb 100% welcome bonus of 1500 CAD plus 150 free spins. This is on the first two deposits. Apart from this offer, there is also the Highroller welcome offer and a great VIP program where multiple rewards are available. This casino offers a wide range of payment options, such as cryptocurrencies. The game library includes nearly 2000 titles with nearly twenty software publishers. Regarding the processing time of exchanges, you should know that they are short.


Here is a great challenger in the world of web gaming. This bitcoin ipad casino offers an excellent game library with almost 2000 titles. As far as the mobile offering is concerned, it is of high quality. With the integration of btc as a payment and wagering option, or the numerous partnerships with live gaming software, this establishment knows how to stand out. In addition, the welcome offer at this best bitcoin casino is 1500 CAD on the first four deposits, with wagering requirements of 40. Thirty free spins are also offered with every deposit.


This online casino in Canada has Bitcoin right in the name. It is a very new casino, starting just in 2020. And it still managed to gather over 500 of the best online casino games for you. The best thing is, Casinobtc accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin right from the start.

The welcome bonus at this online casino is spread over 5 deposits. The first one is the best among the bunch. With a whopping 400% match on your first deposit, you can win up to C$1550. The second one comes close with a 200% match and C$1550.

The next three deposits offer a 100% match on your deposits that go up to C$1500 as well. Combine all of it, and you get to win a spectacular C$7750 just in bonuses! Undoubtedly, it is one of the finest Bitcoin casinos in Canada.


To all the online casino lovers out there, BitStarz is a well-known name. It has been operating for many years and by now it has accumulated over 2900 casino games. And the awesomeness does not end here as well!

As part of the welcome bonus, you can win up to 1BTC. That is a lot when you consider the current crypto market. Apart from Bitcoin, you also get 180 free spins to start your journey. All of the games are derived from the best providers in the world including Play’n Go, Pragmatic Play, Endorphina, etc.

King Billy

How would you feel if an online casino treated you like a king? It would be awesome, right? That is what you are going to get at King Billy. It has an amazing welcome bonus, loyalty bonus, tournaments, promotions, and many other features you would love.

King Billy also boasts a whopping 1BTC welcome bonus for you! With a mere 35x wagering, it is one of the best offers you are going to find even at the best Bitcoin casinos in Canada.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Bitcoin casinos

Here are the answers to the four most frequently asked questions about Canadian bitcoin casinos.

How can I buy bitcoins?

Users can acquire BTC from publicly traded companies such as Coinsquare or Kraken. It is also possible to acquire them from individuals who have crypto-currency and want to sell it.

How do I pay with Bitcoin?

In order to make a BTC deposit at a Bitcoin casinos Canada, you will need to download a “web wallet” or software that allows you to earn Bitcoins and make payments. Then you can fund your wallet using one of the payment options offered. When you are at the cashier of the gaming site, click on the BTC icon and enter the address of your wallet.

What if my casino doesn't have Bitcoin withdrawals?

Often, gaming platforms that accept BTC deposits also offer bitcoin withdrawals. However, if you have signed up at a casino that does not offer BTC withdrawals, you will need to use one of the other withdrawal methods.

Will there be Bitcoin casino bonuses?

Yes, almost all online gaming portals that accept the most famous cryptocurrency offer bonuses as well as promotions to their users. Take advantage of this and choose a canada btc casino!

Final Words about Bitcoin Casinos in Canada

The world of online gambling is constantly evolving. And as a gamer, you are evolving as well. Did you ever think about making deposits using Bitcoin 5 years ago? You did not. And that is the beauty of modern crypto technology.

In this post, we have covered everything that should matter to you. You know the safety standards of Bitcoin. You know how to use it. You know what features you can expect from the best Bitcoin casinos in Canada.

Now, it is your time to jump into one and make a deposit.

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